Summer in East Lothian!

Hooray! Looks like some summer weather has arrived in East Lothian! At last! I think we best enjoy it while it’s here, it might not last long… Here’s a nice picture of the Blethers van out and about at Dunbar Harbour enjoying the sunshine:

The Mobile Therapy Room in among the lobster pots at Dunbar HarbourIt’s been a busy week for Blethers with lots of visits all round East Lothian. Catriona and I were sad to see the last of the Little Listeners Group sessions in North Berwick on Thursday but we’re already planning the next one so watch out for details…

Top Tips for Communicating with Someone who has High Functioning Autism

This sheet contains some general advice to help you to communicate successfully with someone who has high functioning autism. The strategies are also relevant for people who have Asperger’s Syndrome. The list of ideas is not exhaustive however I hope that you find it a good starting point and perhaps helpful when you are explaining your child’s communicative style to others. The sheet is primarily aimed at parents but it will also be helpful for professionals and carers working with young people who have high functioning autism or Asperger’s Syndrome. As always, any feedback is much appreciated!

Click on the link below to download:

Top Tips for Communicating with Someone who has High Functioning Autism

Interesting use of a Kinect

I was having a read of New Scientist this morning over breakfast and was intrigued by an article about using Microsoft Kinect motion sensors as a tool in the diagnosis of autism. Researchers in Minnesota are trying out software that uses Kinect motion sensors to observe and analyse the behaviour of children in a classroom with a view to automatically detecting the unusual behaviours associated with autism.

To be honest, I’m not entirely comfortable with the idea of automating the diagnosis of autism but then I do think that’s a VERY long way off, if it’s possible at all! Having said that, any scientifically evidenced and rigorously tested new tool is welcome.

Check out the complete article by clicking here

Another Mobile Therapy Room Update!

Following on from my last post about the sun shades, I have indeed managed to get the cushion for the wheel arch covered and in place! There will be many happier bottoms across East Lothian! I have to say, I’ve had a wee seat on it myself and it’s very comfy as well as stylish :)

The bench seat with its ned cushion in the mobile therapy room.

Training for Parents of Adults with ASD

Positive Partnerships are running some free training courses for families and carers of adults with autism Across Scotland. The courses are running from September this year and you can find more information about courses local to Edinburgh & Lothian on their website or by downloading the course flyer by clicking on the link below:

Invite for Positive-Pathways Information Events