Heartbleed Bug

A wee heads up for those of you who aren’t aware of the so-called Heartbleed Bug. Basically some malicious techie in a sunlight deprived basement somewhere has come up with a nasty little way to eavesdrop on accounts that you think are secure and steal passwords. You can find more details on the BBC News website. While most of the big companies like Google, Facebook and various banks have already updated their software to protect their users from the Heartbleed Bug, the public are still being advised to change their passwords, especially for high security stuff like emails and bank accounts.

Thanks to this, I have spent all morning coming up with increasingly obscure passwords and resetting EVERYTHING! What a pain but I think it’s for the greater good. Some people really do need to get out more and enjoy some fresh air, even if they don’t live somewhere as pretty as East Lothian.