Dunbar Science Festival

If you are stuck for a fun activity that will help build your child’s vocabulary and might well inspire him or her to a future career, why not pop along to Dunbar Science Festival next weekend? East Lothian’s science festival will be running over the course of Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th March from 10am until 5pm. There will be a variety of activities, workshops and shows running on various science topics across the weekend.

If your child has autism, you will be able to go along to the Early Bird sessions running from 9am-10am each day. These autism friendly sessions will be quieter than sessions later in the day and there will be no need to queue to enter. You can download a ‘Visual Guide’ or Social Story to help prepare your child from the website by clicking on the link below:

Dunbar Science Festival Social Story

Pop along to Dunbar, who knows, you may inspire the next Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking or Brian Cox!