Sleep is Key to Learning

Here’s an interesting bit of research about the importance of sleep for learning. There is a growing body of research which shows that sleep is essential to human learning although no-one really knows specifically why this is the case. The University of Sheffield recently published the results of their latest study on the topic of sleep and learning which focused on babies of around 12months old. They found that the babies in the study were much more likely to learn a new skill if they had a nap soon after their first attempt at it. Clearly this has many implications for how we work with our children and teach them new things. For one, it really underlines the importance of doing things like reading (or indeed your child’s speech therapy homework!) just before bedtime.

Quite rightly, the researchers were keen to point out that their finding was that sleep soon after learning is constructive for learning new skills. No-one is saying that you should learn new things when you are tired, more that ‘sleeping on it’ may be more helpful than we might first assume.

You can find the full article on the BBC website by clicking on the following link: Regular naps are ‘key to learning’ and now I’m off to consolidate my learning….

Isla doing some on the job learning!

Isla takes time out to do some ‘on the job learning’!