Blethers Meets the Tall Ship in Leith

I was quite amazed when I turned the corner at Ocean Terminal in Leith and was confronted with the sight of the majestic ARC Gloria tall ship staring back at me. I’m sure you will agree that she is an impressive ship and her Colombian flag is particularly huge! I believe she is owned by the Colombian military and is in town for the Tattoo. I recommend popping down to Leith for a look, she’s a pretty impressive beastie. The Scotsman have published a wee report if you want to find out more, click here.

Tall ship, ARC Gloria in Leith docks with a REALLY BIG Colombian flag

ARC Gloria in Leith docks with a REALLY BIG flag.

High Praise Indeed!

I really should be writing a report just now but I felt the need to share a positive review from a 3 year old customer of mine! As anyone who works with children will tell you, pre-schoolers are a tough audience to please so it’s always nice to know when you’ve got it right. The mum of the child in question emailed me toady to say that she had asked him what his favourite thing to do at nursery is and the answer was ‘play with Isla’.

Another happy customer then! :)