Language Building Apps for iPads and Tablets

Arguably slow on the uptake, I have just discovered the Splingo group of apps from the Speech & Language Store. I’m glad I found some time to look into Splingo as the apps have already been a big hit with several of my clients!

Designed by speech & language therapists, Splingo is a set of apps aimed at teaching children at developmental levels of around 18 months – 4 years the following core language skills:

Splingo’s Language Universe – Understanding instructions with 1, 2, 3 and 4 Information Carrying Words (post explaining ICWs coming soon…) plus listening and attention. This App also targets understanding and using different types of word – nouns, adjectives, prepositions and so on.

Actions with Splingo – Understanding and use of action words (verbs).

Pronouns with Splingo - Understanding and using pronouns like she, I, them, we and so on.

Categorisation with Splingo – Categorisation of vocabulary and building links between word meanings.

Screenshot from Categorisation With Splingo app by Speech & Language Store

Screenshot from Categorisation With Splingo

As the adult, you can set up the apps at the appropriate level of complexity for your child, you can even choose between an American or British voice. I love that last feature as so many language apps are very Americanised!

Each app sets up a series of instructions based on the areas you have specified (for example, using and understanding the pronoun ‘she’) and your child works through the activities in a game format with integrated rewards. The animations and characters are attractive, fun and motivating for children.

Screenshot from Pronouns With Splingo app by Speech & Language Store

Screenshot from Pronouns With Splingo

The learning apps are available for anyone to use, although it’s probably worth getting some advice from a speech & language therapist or teacher first, especially if your child has any sort of additional needs. If you are reading this as a speech and language therapist, I should point out that there is also a Splingo Receptive Language Assessment App which is available for use by SLTs. So far, I have found this extremely useful, particularly for clients who have limited attention for picture-based activities and especially those who are unable to accept enough direction in their play to be assessed with toys.

At the time of writing, all Splingo Apps are available from the iTunes App Store and you can find Splingo’s Language Universe and Pronouns with Splingo on Google Play. Of course, if you would like some advice on using any of the Splingo Apps with your child, feel free to contact Isla at Blethers, email is usually the best way to catch me:

Remember, you can find out more about Splingo from the creators, Speech & Language Store!