Does the mobile therapy room stay warm in winter?

Indeed it does! Staying warm in winter and cool in summer was a huge consideration while building the Mobile Therapy Room.  I spent a lot of time with my husband reading about camper van conversions, boat conversions and caravans to find the best insulation solution. In the end, we went for a combination of celotex insulation sheets and lambs wool behind all the wall and roof panels. As well as keeping the inside temperature fairly consistent, the insulation also provides sound proofing.

The therapy area is heated when necessary with an Eberspacher heater. The Eberspacher is a dedicated diesel powered heater that is used on small to medium sized sailing boats and in some camper vans. It is extremely efficient and, I discovered over the winter, can get the temperature from a decidedly chilly -8C to a more pleasant 20C within about 10 minutes.