How often should my child have a speech therapy session?

There is no set number or length of speech & language therapy session that can be ‘prescribed’. The number and length of sessions your child requires will vary depending on a variety of factors such as the type of communication problem, how long the child can pay attention successfully, age, how quickly they learn, and so on… Speech & language therapists will therefore tailor a programme of sessions specifically to your child or the group of children they are working with.

The most important thing is following the advice of your SLT and doing any suggested activities regularly with your child. Individual therapy sessions are very important for learning new skills but new skills will only be remembered of they are practised often. After all, no-one expects to lose weight on a diet that you only stick to for an hour a week or to become a piano virtuoso by practising for 45 minutes once a week! Remember that you are essentially trying to break a ‘habit’ that your child has gotten into so it is better if you can make your speech & language therapy work part of your child’s daily routine so you replace the old habit with a new one. Your speech & language therapist will advise you on how regularly you need to do any recommended activities.