Why do you need to contact my child’s NHS therapist?

Before we start working together, I will ask for your permission to contact any other speech & language therapist that your child sees. Apart from being simple good practice, contacting other SLTs involved with a child is necessary for a number of reasons. Your child will gain a lot more from their speech & language therapy support if the therapists they see work together. A close working relationship avoids unnecessary repetition and allows (with your permission) information to be shared so that the most effective care plan for your child can be agreed.

It is also necessary from the point of view of assessment. Speech and language therapists often use standardised assessments to compare a child’s skills to the normal range of ability for their age group. These assessments and their results become invalid if they are repeated too often so it is important to know what has been done already and for me to let your child’s other therapist know what I have done.