Working With a Speech & Language Therapist

Speech and language therapy sessions work best if parents and speech and language therapists work collaboratively. Therapy has to be a 2-way relationship after all, while the speech & language therapist is an expert in communication, parents are THE experts on their child!

Speech and language therapy is different form some medical treatments where a doctor can ‘fix it’ by giving you a specific medicine that will make your condition go away. It is more like physiotherapy where the therapist guides you but carrying out the recommended exercises between sessions is what really fixes the problem.

Working with a Speech and Language Therapist is an advice sheet for parents. It gives you some handy tips and ideas about how to work well with your child’s speech and language therapist to get the most out of your child’s treatment programme. Click on the link below to download it:

10 Top Tips for Working with a Speech & Language Therapist