Professional Fees

This page gives details of the professional fees charged by Blethers Speech and Language Therapy. If you have just arrived on the website, please do have a look through for more information about human communication and the range of speech and language therapy services offered by Blethers across Edinburgh, Lothian and Borders.

Blethers is usually open for business Monday-Friday, 9.00am-5.00pm. However, if these opening hours are not convenient for you, please do email or send a text message and a time can be arranged to talk outside of normal working hours. Do bear in mind that I am able to visit your child at school with the mobile therapy room while you are at work and feed back to you out at a time that is convenient. Appointments are available during school holidays and a limited number are also available outside of normal working hours for your convenience. The current fees for sessions and other speech & language therapy services are as follows:

Initial phone call/discussionFree of charge
Initial Assessment 45 minutes (includes the mobile therapy room, cost of assessment record sheets, brief summary report & phonecalls)£60
Initial Assessment 1 hour (includes the mobile therapy room, cost of assessment record sheets, brief summary report & phonecalls£80
Detailed report writing£60 per hour
1:1 therapy session, observation or review 30 minute session (includes the mobile therapy room and all materials)£40
1:1 therapy session, observation or review 45 hour session (includes the mobile therapy room and all materials)£50
1:1 therapy session, observation or review 1 hour session (includes the mobile therapy room and all materials)£60

Professional Fees

I will discuss and agree the length of the session(s) with you and provide you with a copy of Blethers’ Terms of Consultation before your first appointment. It is usually possible after an initial assessment to give you an idea of how many sessions will be required and whenever possible, I will do this. However, it is not always easy to predict how many sessions of therapy will be required so, in cases where it is likely that long term therapy will be necessary, we will agree a specific number of treatment sessions and have a mutual review of our arrangements at the end of that block. In some cases, group therapy sessions may be appropriate and fees for these will be agreed depending on the nature of the group and the number of clients taking part.

What is included

As well as the specified face to face time and the use of the mobile therapy room, the session fee also includes all planning, the cost of writing and circulating progress report and all therapy materials for home use. For more details about this please read – What goes into a speech therapy session


Blethers can provide you with a wide variety of training which will always be tailored to your specific requirements. Prices for training sessions will therefore vary depending on your needs so please do feel free to contact Blethers for a quote.

Travel Costs

Travel within the Edinburgh Bypass, East of Penicuik or North of the A1 up to and including Dunbar is included, thereafter the standard Inland Revenue rate of 45p per mile applies.

NB. Clients using private health insurance are responsible for settling the invoice and then claiming from the company concerned. It is advisable to check the level of your cover before agreeing to therapy. Please note that Blethers is not currently a registered BUPA provider and that, should the insurance company decide not to meet the costs, the client is obliged to do so.

What goes into a speech therapy session?

As with so many things in life, the key to a really good speech therapy session is good planning and preparation so I thought I would write a post about how I plan and prepare for each session that I do.

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