Free Online Autism Training!

I am always looking to update my knowledge of autism and any evolving support strategies. As I was looking for online training modules and ‘webinars’ (much as I don’t like the word!) last week, I came across an excellent resource that I feel the need to share. It is called Autism Internet Modules (AIM) and it’s a free – yes FREE! – library of training modules on a variety of topics relating to autism. The site has been developed by Ashland University in the US. A very big thank you from Blethers to Ashland for this amazing resource!

Whether you are a professional working with people on the spectrum, a parent/carer or indeed a person who has a diagnosis of autism, you will find some high quality information on the AIM website. All you need to do is register with your email and a password and you’re off! You can access certificates and academic credits if you want to but you do have to pay for these. However, all of the information is free. So far, I have used the Pivotal Response Training module which took me about an hour and three quarters to read through. The information was presented as a combination of text and video clips. At the start and end of each module, there is a short (5 or 6 question) assessment quiz so that you can compare your knowledge before and after.

I know that I’ll certainly be accessing more of the modules as part of my ongoing commitment to continuing professional development and evidence based practice. What a great resource!