Mobile Therapy Room

Why a Mobile Therapy Room?

Ask any speech & language therapist and they will tell you that space is always at a premium wherever they work. It can be very difficult to find a quiet space to work with a young person on their communication in busy schools and homes. As a passing visitor to many different places, you can end up in some very strange corners over the course of a week! The Mobile Therapy Room is Blethers’ unique and practical answer to this problem.

Edinburgh and Lothian Mobile Speech Therapy Room

The Mobile Therapy Room takes the pressure off schools and families to accommodate the visiting speech & language therapist. The quiet and adaptable therapy space allows your child to get the best out of each session without having to filter out background noise and distraction. A sensitive environment like this is particularly beneficial for young people who have difficulty paying attention because they have learning difficulties or autistic spectrum disorders.

The calm and quiet interior of the Blethers Mobile Therapy RoomIn the modern world, taking time off work to take your child to appointments can be problematic, especially if it is a regular commitment. Once again, the Mobile Therapy Room can help you out! Once you and your child have met Isla for the first time, you can arrange for the mobile therapy room to visit your child’s school or nursery without the need for you to take time off work. If this is the best option for you, Isla will make sure that you get regular feedback from therapy sessions when and however suits you best.

Tell me more about the Mobile Therapy Room…

The Mobile Therapy Room is a Volkswagen Crafter van which has been fitted out to create a cosy and pleasant work space that specifically takes into account the needs of individuals with communication difficulties, autism and Asperger’s Syndrome. It offers a quiet, controlled environment which can be specifically tailored to the needs of the individual whether they are a child, adolescent or adult. The Mobile Therapy Room is well insulated to provide soundproofing and temperature control and has a very efficient Eberspacher heater to provide extra warmth in the cooler months.

A view inside the mobile therapy room with the blind up on the side window.Back view of the mobile therapy room from outside with the blinds up.Sliding side and interior windows provide ventilation in the warmer months together with the air-conditioning system and fan for air circulation. Sun shades are also used to help maintain a comfortable temperature inside the Mobile Therapy Room. The sun shades double up as blinds for clients who find it difficult to filter out activity going on outside or who prefer that extra bit of privacy while working in the mobile therapy room.

Mobile Therapy Room layout for primary-aged childHere, you can see the Mobile Therapy Room laid out for work with a younger child. The height adjustable table is easily adjusted to suit the child’s height and child-friendly seating ensures a comfortable posture to support your child to achieve optimum levels of concentration.

The Velcro-friendly wall surfaces allow a flexible, attractive environment which is specifically tailored to each individual client. Symbols or pictures can be made available to support communication, visual timetables are easily and accessibly displayed and the removable nature of all materials means that they are highly interactive for children and young people using the Mobile Therapy Room.

For parents who wish to observe sessions, there are various options. If you wish to observe from a separate area, you are able to sit in the cab of the van and observe the session through the window in the bulkhead that separates the cab from the therapy space in the back. If you would prefer to be more directly involved, you are welcome to pull up a chair in the ample space towards the rear of the therapy area. The choice is yours!

For your child’s safety, kerbside access to the Mobile Therapy Room is always assured with sliding doors on both sides. A child step is used to make getting into the van easier for little legs and the step edges are clearly marked with LED lights. Once inside the Mobile Therapy Room, the step inserts are put in place to cover the step-recesses so that the whole width of the van is safely usable.

Isla standing inside the mobile therapy room set up for adolescents and young adultsFor older children and young adults who wish to take advantage of the Mobile Therapy Room, the tables are easily raised for use with full-sized chairs. Any resources that are not age or developmentally appropriate can be removed from view and stored in the storage unit on the passenger side of the van.

As you can see, there is plenty of room for even a tall adult to stand up in the back of the Mobile Therapy Room and the space is light and airy thanks to the large side windows, back windows and skylights. Artificial lighting for the darker winter months is provided by 10 LED spotlights in the roof. These have been carefully chosen to provide a soft but bright light that does not flicker and so minimises discomfort for individuals who are sensitive to fluorescent strip lighting.

The mobile therapy room set up for working on the floor with pre-schoolers or children at early stages of developmentOften very young children or individuals who are at an exploratory level of their play development prefer to be on the floor so that they can move around a lot while we work. To accommodate these individuals, the Mobile Therapy Room is easily laid out to suit working on the floor. With the step-recess covers in place, there is plenty of room for floor play with individuals and even a small group of children. The tables can be removed and stored out of harm’s way in the storage unit within the van and floor cushions provide young children with a visual cue to show them where they are expected to sit.

Undoubtedly, the Mobile Therapy Room is a unique and invaluable resource, as one of Blethers’ clients said ‘I found Isla when I was looking for a speech therapist to help my son with his speech delay. Isla works with him on a weekly basis in her Mobile Therapy Room. This environment is really positive for him as it reduces the distractions of the home environment and helps to keep him focused. He really enjoys the games that are incorporated into the weekly session, this serves to keep the sessions fun and one that he enjoys going to. Isla has also been very supportive outside of speech therapy sessions and provides us with material to practice. This is then reinforced back in the Mobile Therapy Room. Isla has a very friendly but firm approach to her sessions; as my son has gone into p1 this has helped him in a classroom environment, encouraging him to sit, look and listen! We are delighted with Blethers and would thoroughly recommend Isla.’

How do I arrange a visit from the Mobile Therapy Room?

You can arrange for the Mobile Therapy Room to visit you or your child wherever is most convenient; whether that’s home, school, nursery, college or work. If you are unable to attend the appointment, Isla will make a convenient time with you to provide you with feedback from your child’s session. Parents, as ever, are welcome to join all sessions if they can! The Mobile Therapy Room is based between Gullane and North Berwick in East Lothian and is available for visits across Edinburgh, Lothian and the Borders.

Contact Isla to arrange a visit by phone 07810 393866, email or using the form on the contact page of the website.

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