Autism Friendly Theatre Performance

Well, it can’t be denied that the nights are drawing in and the weather’s getting colder so everyone’s looking for fun and exciting indoor activities to entertain their children. If you have a child with autism, this can be more difficult as lots of indoor activities for kids are loud, frenetic and generally very over-stimulating! Unfortunately public knowledge of autism is still a bit sketchy and people aren’t always as accepting of the behaviours and quirks of children on the spectrum as they should be.

Having said that, the good news is that more and more places are cottoning on and providing activities that are specifically planned for children with autism and cater for their needs. More and more cinemas and theatres are starting to put on autism friendly performances with subdued lighting and lower volume. It also means you can take your child along safe in the knowledge that no-one’s going to mind if they need to run around, make a noise, take a break or even have a meltdown in the middle of the show!

In partnership with the National Autistic Society, the Playhouse in Edinburgh is putting on an autism friendly performance of The Lion King on 24th November at 1.30pm, if you are interested click here to go to the website for more information and bookings. Have fun!