Autism Related Training in Scotland

It’s nice to see 2014 starting off with a couple of high quality autism related training sessions in Scotland. The first of these is the Level 1 introductory Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) course which is running at the Novotel on Lauriston Place in Edinburgh on Thursday 6th & Friday 7th February. I can thoroughly recommend this training to anyone who is new to using PECS with someone on the autistic spectrum and also to people who have been using the system but haven’t had any formal training.

The course is suitable for parents, carers and professionals alike with reduced course fees for parents. The cost is £174 for parents and £315 for parents including VAT. Over the 2 days you’ll learn everything you need to know about how to use PECS and why the system is set up as it is. If you are interested in attending, please click here to go the event details on the Autism Network Scotland website where you can register.

The second event is the Autistic Intelligence Conference on 2nd May in Glasgow. The speakers include the world renowned psychologist Tony Attwood and Wendy Lawson who has autism herself and has done a wealth of research and written several books on the subject of autism. I have seen Tony Attwood speak on a number of occasions now and he has always got a lot of worthwhile information to share, I would highly recommend listening to him speak bout the autistic spectrum! I’ve got my place booked already. Click here to go to the conference webpage where you can register to attend. Again, reduced rates are available for parents/carers and further reduction for individuals who have autism.