Communication Games 3 – Fishing and Springy Spiders

For my third post on games, I’ve put fishing and Springy Spiders together because they are basically variations on the same theme and I use the 2 games in much the same ways.

Fishing game

  1. Turn-taking – as with any game with 2 or more players, you can use either of these games to develop turn-taking skills. They have the added advantage that you need a specific item (fishing rod or spider) to have a turn. That means you can help impulsive children to wait by using only one fishing rod/spider shared between all the players.
  2. Colours – like you did with Pop up Pirate, you can give instructions using colours to reinforce use and understanding of this vocabulary – eg ‘catch a blue fish’ or ‘use the pink spider’.ELC's Fishing game
  3. Picture naming – You can either put paper clips/Velcro on your pictures so they stick to the fishing rod/spider or just put the fish/bugs on top of them, As you ‘catch’ each picture, say the sound or word it shows.Springy Spider game
  4. Picture sorting – Instead of naming pictures as you catch them, you can sort them by category for vocabulary work, by initial sound, for speech or phonological awareness work or by number of syllables for phonological awareness.

Having written it down, this doesn’t look like a huge list of uses but of all the games I have in my storage room, these are the two I use most! I suppose it’s because they make the simple act of choosing a picture lots more interesting and fun. You can’t go wrong with a bit of fishing!