Communication Games 5 – Jumpy Frogs

Jumpy Frogs are a really simple toy but children really love them! You can buy several variations on the theme but the basic principle is the same. To my mind, the best way to use them is to have the child make the frog jump into a pot that you are holding. That way you can ‘help’ by catching the frog thereby avoiding being there all day!

Two of the sets of jumping frogs available on the market

Here are the things I use jumpy frogs for most often:

  1. Choosing a picture – Lay your pictures out face down on the table. Put a frog in the middle and make him jump. Name or talk about the picture he landed on.
  2. Discriminating between 2 or more options – Lay out the pictures showing the speech sounds or words you’re using then ask your child to make the frog jump onto the one he/she heard you say.
  3. Colours – most sets of frogs come in a variety of colours so you can use them to work on colour vocabulary – eg ‘Make a red one jump’.
  4. Prepositions – if you are working on position words like in/on/under, you can ask your child to make the frog jump in these different locations.
  5. Treasure hunt for pictures – hide your pictures round the room, each one with a frog. Your child can then go and find them one by one, name or talk about the picture then make the frog jump into your container.