Stand Up Paddle Bass Rock Challenge

Stand Up Paddle training at Belhaven Bay

The Bass Rock looks awful far away!

Blethers and TC Tree Care are planning a joint fundraising event with The Scottish Seabird Centre and the RNLI. The plan is to complete a sponsored paddle round the Bass Rock on stand up paddle surfboards to raise money for the Seabird Centre and RNLI. Isla’s also hoping to come face to face with her logo, the gannet, and get some more lovely gannet pictures to put on the website.

The calm weather over the weekend presented an ideal opportunity for a training session. We paddled 8km (the Bass Rock round trip is approx 11km) up the coast of East Lothian in 2 1/2 hours which was pretty good going as we were paddling into a cheeky head wind on the way out. We had originally planned to go from the Dunbar end of Belhaven Bay to Seacliff beach but the wind picked up and swung slightly offshore by the time we were half way up Peffer Sands (nearly at Scoughall Farm) so we decided to turn back. Discretion is the better part of valour as far as the sea is concerned!

Isla Stand Up Paddle BoardingThe Bass Rock SUP Challenge will take place between 22nd April and 6th June on the first weekend with favourable conditions leaving from the east beach at North Berwick. Virgin Giving page coming soon…