Little Listeners Group – still a few spaces left!

Catriona and I had great fun yesterday with our Little Listeners in North Berwick. It was the first of 6 group sessions for pre-schoolers to help build phonological awareness skills. Research shows that well developed phonological awareness is linked strongly to later success in learning to read and write, but what is phonological awareness?

Well, it’s all about breaking words down into the sounds that make them up. It includes skills like syllable counting, rhyme awareness, identifying the first sound in a word, sounding words out and ‘spoonerising’ or playing with the sounds in words to make silly phrases or philly srases!

Our spelling system in English is ‘alphabetic’. That means that there is a letter (or sometimes a group of letters like ‘sh’) that represents each spoken sound. To be able to match sounds to letters for literacy, children need to be able to divide words up into individual parts, a bit like taking apart a jigsaw to see how many pieces there are.

The programme for Little Listeners is designed to follow the typical pattern of development of phonological awareness skills and to give an extra boost to preschoolers skills, ready for starting school. In weeks 1 & 2 we will be covering syllable awareness, weeks 3 & 4 will focus on rhyming, week 5 will be about the first sounds in words and week 6 about last sounds in words.

We still have some spaces left in the group so please do contact us if you are interested! Isla Davies 07810 393866 or, Catriona Black 07900 935733 or 

Little Listeners takes place at St Andrew Blackadder Church in North Berwick on Thursdays 1.45-2.30pm. Sessions are £15 each and the next one is Thursday 26th April.