Mobile Therapy Room gets a mention in forthcoming book!

Jena Casbon, a speech & language pathologist (therapist in the UK!) in New Orleans, has been working hard and is putting the finishing touches to her new book, The Independent Clinician Guide to Creating a Web Presence. The book aims to guide independent healthcare clinicians to help them build an effective website and develop their web presence. Jena has pulled together examples from the personal experiences for over 100 clinicians worldwide and Blethers is included!

I think that Jena’s book will be an invaluable resource for Independent SLTs as we really can’t afford to ignore the power of the internet today. I know from my own experience that building good website is a steep learning curve and I welcome any help and advice I can get. I’ll certainly be buying a copy of The Independent Clinician Guide to Creating a Web Presence when it is published!

Click here to tell Jena about your experience of promoting your business (or not!) using the internet.