Related Websites

The related websites page contains links to some websites that you may find useful if you have or know someone who has communication problems, autism or learning difficulties. If there is a service you know about that you think should be here, please do email me and let me know! I have grouped the links together to make it easier for you to find what is of interest to you:

Supporting organisations

  • I Can is a charity set up to look after the needs of children with communication difficulties across the UK. They provide a range of services for children and families and there is a lot of helpful information about communication on their website.
    The Lothian Autistic Society is a charitable organisation offering support and information for people with autistic spectrum conditions and their families living in Edinburgh & the Lothians. There are a variety of services, support groups and events running across Lothian so do check the site regularly for updates.
  • The National Autistic Society is a UK-wide charitable organisation that supports the needs of people with autism and Asperger’s Syndrome. The website contains a wealth of information about autistic spectrum conditions and provides contacts for a huge range of useful autism-friendly services. There are also job opportunities advertised for people with autism and for others wishing to work with people on the spectrum.
  • Communication Matters is a voluntary organisation aimed at supporting people who have limited or no spoken communication as well as their families. It is an excellent place to find information about alternative and augmentative communication and complex learning needs. Membership of the organisation includes a quarterly magazine called Communication Matters which contains a wealth of information written by people with communication difficulties as well as professionals working in the field of communication.

Research and Information

  • The Autism Research Centre in Cambridge is the UK’s flagship centre for research into autistic spectrum disorders. Their website will keep you up to date with the very latest findings and research projects.
  • Tony Attwood is a world renowned expert in Asperger’s Syndrome and will certainly have a few comments about the new diagnostic criteria from the American Psychological Association!
  • For some first-hand experience of autism, take a look at Dr Wendy Lawson’s website. She is an adult who has a diagnosis of autism and has written a variety of books & papers on the subject.

Resources to support communication learning

  • Intensive Interaction is an approach that supports the development of fundamental communication skills for people with severe learning difficulties. It is based on research into early parent-child interaction and is centred on tuning in to the learner’s world and preferred activities. It is a highly effective approach for people (children and adults) who are ‘difficult to reach’ and are either pre-verbal or in the very early stages of verbal communication. The website contains more information about using Intensive Interaction, details of training events, newsletters and details of how to buy related resources.
  • BT Betterworld is a site by BT (Yes! The telecommunications company!) where you can download a range of high quality free communication resources and order materials for the cost of postage and packing. I have used these resources time and again in a variety of places and with a range of clients and have found that they always go down very well.

Fun things to do with your child

  • Morningside School of Music offers child-friendly music lessons on a variety of instruments and the teaching staff are open to working with young people who have disabilities. Music training is recognised to have positive knock-on effects on concentration and memory skills both of which are essential for successful communication.

Healthcare services

  • Taylor Physiotherapy  clinic in Stockbridge, Edinburgh provides a range of cutting edge physiotherapy treatment and offers specialist services for women who have recently given birth and excellent services for back pain sufferers.
  • An excellent range of physiotherapy services are also available from County Physio in Haddington with flexible hours to suit your needs.