Overview of Services

Blethers provides versatile speech & language therapy services for children and young adults who have developmental communication difficulties. A developmental condition is one that someone is born with or which starts when they are very young. The condition develops and changes with the person as they grow. Developmental communication problems come in all shapes and sizes. It could be something like a simple pronunciation difficulty that is easily overcome with a little help or it could be something that the person will always be affected by like autism or specific language impairment.

For children…

Playing a game to practise speech sounds at syllable level.

Isla likes to make things fun for children. Here we are making up single syllable silly names for the aliens using our targeted speech sound 's' with a vowel following.

A surprisingly large number of children are affected by developmental communication problems, current estimates from research suggest that there will be one or two children in every primary one class who have speech, language and communication needs! Blethers can help these children to develop their communication skills and get the best out of their education.

Isla works hard to keep learning activities light-hearted and fun for children so that they enjoy their learning experience. Speech and language therapy activities are always most effective when the client is fully engaged and having fun. Wherever possible, Isla will include your child’s preferences and favourite things in activities to ensure motivating and entertaining sessions.

Please have a look at the services for children page to learn more.

For adults…

While many children overcome mild developmental problems with a little help, there are some who have a lifelong condition which affects their communication. The problem does not spontaneously disappear when they turn 18! It can be difficult for adults with developmental difficulties to access communication support services, particularly if their communication problems are not deemed ‘severe’. With this in mind, Blethers provides help for adults who are affected by developmental communication issues. Please take a look at the services for adults page for more information.

For everyone…

People who have communication difficulties make much more progress and are better supported when key people in their life understand their communication problem. Blethers provides a variety of training support for families, carers and professionals to help them accommodate speech, language and communication needs. Sometimes, no formal training is necessary, it is enough for Isla to provide a little bit of advice after each session. Sometimes a more detailed understanding of the communication issue is needed, so Isla may recommend some more formal training for key people in the client’s life.

Isla also feels strongly that developmental communication difficulties can be very disabling for adults if people around them at work or college are not tolerant or understanding of their strengths and weaknesses. Communication is second nature for most of us and we tend to take it for granted that everyone just knows how to do it. In many cases, communication difficulties are also invisible from the outside, you can’t tell just by looking that it is there. That means that many people with communication disabilities face a lack  of tolerance and understanding on a daily basis.

Please take a look at the training page to see in more detail how Blethers can help you understand and work with communication disabilities.

Give Blethers your feedback…

If Isla has been working with you and has asked you to fill out her online customer feedback form, please click here to access it. It should only take you 5 minutes to answer the 9 questions! Thank you for taking the time to do this, Isla appreciates your feedback and will use it to improve the services Blethers provides.