Little Listeners is Back!

Our Little Listeners group was such a resounding success with those who took part that we have decided to squeeze another one in before full-time school starts in August! We’ll be running 5 weekly sessions starting on Monday 23rd July, 1.30-2.15pm – venue in North Berwick to be confirmed. So that’ll be the last 3 weeks of the summer holidays plus the first 2 weeks of term while most of the P1s are still in mornings only.

The group is for children who are starting school in August and it’s aimed at all children in this age group, not just those with speech, language and communication needs. 

Over the 5 sessions, we’ll explore the basic phonological awareness skills that underlie learning to read and write. Most young pre-school children are aware of words as whole chunks that help them communicate with others. They are not typically aware that each word is made up of smaller bits. As they approach school age, they start to become more aware that there are divisions within words and might start to experiment with syllables and rhyming (word endings). These broad divisions are the beginnings of phonological awareness for literacy.

Our spelling system in English is ‘alphabetic’ which means that there is a letter (or sometimes a group of letters like ‘sh’) that corresponds to each spoken sound. To be able to match sounds to letters for literacy, children need to be able to divide words up into individual parts, a bit like taking apart a jigsaw to see how many pieces there are. Because the first sound in a word is emphasised by virtue of being the first one you hear, children typically learn the concept of ‘begins with’ as the first step in this process. They then go on to break the word down further and start to realise that there are separate sounds at the end and in the middle too. There is now a large body of research which shows that well developed phonological awareness is strongly linked to later success in learning to read and write.

In Little Listeners, we will be learning about:

  • Syllable awareness
  • Rhyme awareness
  • Picking out the first sound in words
  • Blending sounds together to make words
  • Breaking words into individual sounds to sound them out

We recommend that children attend all 5 sessions so that they get the most out of the group. So that each child gets the intensive attention they deserve, spaces are limited so contact us now to book your place!

 Isla Davies: 07810 393866

 Catriona Black: 07900 935733